Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I approached these horses in the tradition of Franz Marc. He is by far one of my favorite animal painters. This piece marks a change in my work as a muralist for children. Up till now I have viewed my work as a job, a playful job yes but still a job. Not so much as an art form. I feel that my previous work is lacking good composition, movement, and a timelessness that I seek in my current work. It is not that I won’t paint the silly and quirky anymore it’s just that I will do it with panache.

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BreezytheBrave said...

Hey Cody, this is Breah from Planet Happy! I absolutely love this one, it reminds me of my younger painting years. You've given me so much inspiration I think I'm going to dive into my own paint-fountain of youth.
I'll let you know when Bridgett gets back, of course.
Big thanks!